Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2017

Board Members in Attendance: Nancy Grant, Carolyn LaRosa, Maureen Pettis, Larry Velte.

Meeting called to order: 7:31 p.m.

Approval of May 2017 Meeting Minutes:  Approved 4-0.

Approval of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes:  Approved 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report:  May 2017 financials reflected the following: one CAB Operating Account with a balance of $14,190.13; two general fund CD's with balances of $5,362.36 and $5,345.89; one Reserve Study CD with a balance of $19,121.27; Other Current Assets with balances of $2,284.25 (Accounts Receivable - $3,048.67; Allowance for Bad Debts – ($1,066.88)); Interest Receivable - $1.27; Prepaid Expenses - $301.19); bringing total assets to $46,303.90. 

Old Business:

  • Annual Assessments – Thirteen properties still have liens due to unpaid annual assessments due to KPWCA.
  • Streambed Erosion – The Association’s attorney has provided a legal opinion concerning the streambed erosion which is affecting a member’s private property. The opinion covered what the Association’s responsibility may or may not be and what courses of action may be considered.  The Board, coordinating with the homeowner, will develop a strategy for seeking Fairfax County involvement in correcting the situation.
  • Hazardous Trees – Seven hazardous trees observed along Roberts Rd., Heversham Ct., and Catterick Ct. have been removed at the cost of $4750.00. Two trees on Collingham Dr. and Ashcroft Ct identified during the annual tree survey have not yet been removed.
  • Commonwealth/Sideburn Wall Maintenance – Board has contracted with Attila's EPS LLC for beautification (power wash, re-pointing, repainting of the letters, etc.) of the brick wall at southeast corner of Commonwealth and Sideburn, and the brick walls at the intersection of Commonwealth and Guinea. 
  • Encroachment on Tapestry Court – The Association’s attorney has provided guidance on what legal steps can be taken against a homeowner on Tapestry Ct. who has significantly encroached on KPWCA common land as well as violating state Resource Protection Area regulations.  The Board is considering next steps to correct this situation.    

      New Business:

  • Election of Officers.  All currently serving officers were re-elected:  President, Nancy Grant; Vice-President, Larry Velte; Secretary, Mark Heppner; Treasurer, Maureen Pettis.
  • Adoption of Budget.  The Association’s 2017-2018 budget was adopted 4-0.  The annual assessment remains $40.00.  The budget is posted on the Associations website,
  • The Board discussed topics for future Community Association articles for the KPW Herald.
  • Upcoming Board Meetings – Because of the Summer closure of Laurel Ridge, the July 12 Board meeting will be held at Larry Velte’s house, and the August 9 Board meeting will be held at Maureen Pettis’s house.

Mr. Daniel Kellam, who is conducting research into Northern Virginia neighborhood history, asked the assistance of board members to provide information and insights.  The Board promised we would do our best.

Hearing no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.