Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 11th, 2021

Board Members in Attendance:  Nancy Grant, Larry Velte, Maureen Pettis, Anthony Consumano, Mark Heppner

Meeting called to order:  7:34 p.m.  Meeting held virtually via Zoom video conferencing.

Approval of March 2021 Meeting Minutes:  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  March 2021 financials reflected the following:  one CAB Operating Account with a balance of $14,149.12; Cash in Transit with a balance of $0.00; two general fund CD's with balances of $5,521.60 and $5,504.65; one Reserve Study CD with a balance of $20,891.04; [Accounts Receivable - $6,261.03; Allowance for Bad Debts - ($3,905.41); Assessments Receivable - $259.90; Interest Receivable - ($258.63); Prepaid Expenses - $301.19]; total other current assets with balances of $2,658.08; bringing the total assets to a balance of $48,724.49.

Old Business:

  • Annual Assessments/Liens – Ten properties currently have liens due to unpaid annual assessments owed to KPWCA. Board to follow up with Burke Community Management Company to research status of properties who did not pay assessment last year to ask for list of liens that were released.
  • Northern Virginia Training Center Project – Monitoring the project related to stormwater runoff that will improve the stream banks which run through our property and into Royal Lake Park.
  • Annual Meeting: Planning for July 21st  Guidance from the HOA lawyer recommended to have the meeting after July 1st with at least 15 days notice.  We can always schedule a zoom meeting. 
  • Trimming Sidewalk Vegetation: Sidewalk along HOA common land between 10318 and 10324 Commonwealth Blvd needs work to clear vegetation overgrowing onto it.  Board members will inspect and take action.  Delayed by weather.

New Business:

  • Next Monthly meeting – Sunday, May 16th, 2021 meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.
  • Budget – Need a new budget based upon previous year’s budget. Draft budget will be sent to board members for review before May meeting.

Hearing no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.