Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2014


In attendance: Larry Velte, Mark Heppner, Linda Fournier, Suzanne Cerney, and Jim Bovino.  Also attending were Crystal Terrant and Terri Jenkins of Burke Community Management Group


Meeting called to order: 7:30 p.m.


Approval of October Meeting Minutes:   Approved 5–0.


Treasurer’s Report: The current checking account balance is $25,291.06; the accounts receivable balance is $2,293.62; there are 2 general fund CD’s in the amount of $5,332.60             each, and the reserve study CD is $19,582.13, bringing the grand total to: $57,832.01.


Linda motioned that the HOA write-off any fees owed by members of less than $1.00; Suzanne seconded; approved 5–0.


Old Business:  The HOA Architectural Control Committee sent three letters to members who failed to obtain approval prior to building on their property.  One was a tree house; the member responded to the first letter; and the Committee retroactively approved it.  The second was a fence, which was later approved.  The final was to a member who built a shed, and that member has yet to respond to the letter.


New Business:  A HOA board member attended a seminar titled, The Impact of Recent Legislative Activity on Community Associations.  Several items addressed at the seminar were:



Hearing no further business, Linda motioned to adjourn; Jim seconded; adjourned at 8:15 p.m.