Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2014


In attendance: Larry Velte, Maureen Pettis, Mark Heppner, Linda Fournier, Suzanne Cerney, and Jim Bovino.  


Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.


Approval of September Meeting Minutes:   Approved 6-0.


Treasurer’s Report:  The current checking account balance is $29,264.98; the accounts receivable balance is $3,056.37; there are 2 general fund CD’s in the amount of $5,312.37 each, and the reserve study CD is $15,576.88, bringing the grand total to: $26,201.62 (CDs).  Two checks for a total of $970.11 to the Management Company and Nationwide Insurance for expenses.  The total current balance was $58,522.97.


Linda Fournier moved that the HOA add $2,000.00 to the reserve study CD, and next year, readdress whether additional funds should be added in 2015.  Mark Heppner seconded the motion, and it was approved 6-0.


Old Business: 


-       Encroachment Letters – Due to extenuating circumstances, the encroachment letters were not completed.  Mark Heppner moved that they be postponed until the spring 2015 HOA tree and property survey.  Jim Bovino seconded the motion, and it was approved 6–0.

-       Fence Letters – Letters were sent to two homeowners concerning building on their property without first seeking HOA approval.  One responded, and theirs was approved.  The HOA received no response from the second homeowner.

-       Architectural Control Committee – The Community Association article in the October KPW Herald noted that any member of the HOA can be on the architectural control committee.


New Business:  Larry Velte and Suzanne Cerney attended a Fairfax County Code Compliance meeting.  They learned that certain violations, such as parking on the grass, are not the job of the HOA to enforce.  It is covered by Fairfax County zoning codes, so violations should be reported to the County.


Hearing no further business, Suzanne Cerney motioned to adjourn; Mark Heppner seconded; and the meeting ended at 8:10 p.m.