Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2013


In attendance: Joe Meyer, Maureen Pettis, Mark Heppner, Linda Bufano, Larry Velte, Virginia Scattergood, Linda Fournier


Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m.


Approval of September Meeting Minutes: The September meeting minutes were reviewed and approved. Approved 6-0.


Adjustment to June Meeting Minutes: Ms. Johnston, upon review of the June meeting minutes, requested a change. The Board reviewed her proposed changes. Virginia will adjust the June minutes and re-send to the Board for approval.


Treasurer’s Report: The board was informed that the current checking account balance as of September 30, 2013 is $20,362.15; the savings account is at $1,612.66; there are 2 general fund CD’s in the amount of $5,285.59 each, and the reserve CD is $15,512.02 bringing the grand total to: $48,023.01


Since the financial report was received today just before the meeting, there is no status update on assessments. The Board is unsure if Rod sent the second reminder letter, and will check.


Two HOA packets need to be followed up on since the homes have sold.


A homeowner on Kaywood Court paid the dues owed from last year and this year including fees for the lien; Larry will work on a letter indicated that the account is in good standing since the paperwork for the lien release may take a few days.  


Bridge/Path issue: The Board determined that there was no indication that the KPW developer originally built a bridge, even though it may appear on a drawing.  There was no “proffer” system in place in the mid-70s, when the KPW homes were built, so there was no requirement for Fairfax County to approve building homes contingent on the building of a bridge.  Further, the Board does not have the wherewithal to even consider such an immense project.  Joe will reach out to Ms. Johnston about the information we received.


Fence:  Last year the Board voted to take an action to fix the homeowner’s fence where trees from the common property were encroaching. However no estimate was received until recently. The initial conversation, based on our records, indicated that the homeowner did not want the trees cut down, but he asked for repairing and/or relocating his fence.  Linda F. shared the estimate with the Board. This estimate shows a different design that goes in between the trees. The Board agreed that tree removal would be more costly than repairing the fence.


Mark moved to pay up to the estimated $795.00 upon completion of the fence with the proviso to the homeowner that this is a onetime fix; no further remedy may be sought; and the homeowner will be solely responsible for any future damage to his fence and/or property. Joe seconded; Approved 6-1.


New Business:

No new updates on status of transition to the management company.

Hearing no new business Joe motioned to adjourn; Linda F. seconded. Concluded at 8:37p.m.