Kings Park West Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Oct 14, 2009



Meeting called to order at 7:33. 

Members present

Joe Meyer, Linda Bufano, Linda Fournier, Larry Velte, Mary Hovland, and Jim Messinger

In addition, two Robinson students Katie Reinhard and Lauren Keating attended as part of a school civics program.

Motion to approve the minutes for the September 2009 meeting, Larry Velte moved to accept, Linda Bufano seconded, all voted in favor.

Treasurer’s report. 

At this point in 2009, there are a total of 46 properties potentially facing liens for non-payment of the 2009-2010 assessments.  At same time in 2008 the number of liens was 56 and in 2007 it was 90.

Jim Messinger suggested contacting the homeowners with past due accounts to let them know they have past due amounts.  The board discussed having board members notify anyone they know on the receivables list to let them know that the amounts are past due.

Current balances as follows: 

Checking account


Two Cds




Three Cds






Reserve Cd




Grand Total




4 months into our current budget and we are under budget approximately $4,000

Suggest to move $10,000 from checking a/c and put into two additional $5,000 cds w/ 6 month maturities.

Jim Messinger made a motion, Linda Bufano seconded, all in favor

Old Business

Joe Meyer had written a letter to 10217 Pumphrey Ct. for which he did not get a response.  Larry Velte said the situation, which involved tenant behavior, was satisfactorily resolved through the Neighborhood Watch program.

There are two construction projects for which no permission from the Board was requested.   To complete the record, Joe Meyer will write a letter asking for building permits and indicating that the Board will approve the projects.

Joe Meyer was contacted by a Fairfax County employee in charge of the Roberts Rd dam project in regards to tree removal on HOA property.  Joe Meyer to contact the project manager to walk the property and see the plans.

New Business

Joe Meyer attended the Braddock Rd George Mason meeting.  Topics of discussion:  GMU said they have a 2,500 new car lot which is heavily utilized, University Mall project was turned into the county and sent back to the owners for revision, new hotel at GMU, Issue of Tapestry Drive parking.  The county has put up “no parking” signs on the east side of Roberts Road in designated areas.   There are only two signs now, which would be improved if supplemented by at least one more sign.  VDOT is giving warnings for the first couple of weeks.

Meeting to discuss the parking issues on Tapestry Drive will be held 11/9/09 with Supervisor John Cook as the administrator moderator.  It is for all interested neighbors for Tapestry Drive issues.  Fairfax County has as much authority as VDOT in parking considerations.  There was discussion as to which properties would be included in a residential parking zone.

10/21/09 Swim club meeting with Supervisor Cook to help with public/private partnership for the pool land.  Mary Hovland to attend

10/21/09 There will be a meeting at Lake Braddock Secondary to include leadership institute, neighborhood colleges

Question from Larry Velte:  Should we readdress paying more for lawn care to the Civic Association.  Linda F. said it depends on what the Civic Association would need additional funds for.  To be discussed at the next meeting.  Linda suggested that we have a copy of the Civic Association budget to help with the discussion. 

Larry Velte moved for adjournment, Mary Hovland seconded, all ayes.