Kings Park West Community Association Meeting



Not in attendance:  Fred and Dina Gorrell

Approval of July Minutes:

Discussion of whether to put any owner’s name in the minutes.  Following discussion, there was a motion to accept the minutes but neutralize the name of the party.  Seconded, and vote passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

Reserve $4217.20, checking account $43,094.93.  There was one legal bill from Segan for $150.50 to be paid.  On 7/29 DPOR was paid for Commonwealth of Va Business Tax.  Received a late fee notice indicating payment had not been received per DPOR.  Joe will call and check on the status.  2006 Annual report needs to be filled out with DPOR form.  There was an NSF check for which a replacement check was sent.  Bernie to contact Rod to make sure the party was billed for bank fee.  Bernie received new checks for BB&T, old checks were from First Virginia.  Invoice has not been received from Northern Virginia Tree Company for work performed.  The estimate was given to Bernie.



The vote to waive late fees was tabled for one month to follow up on NSF check.


Kings West Pool:

The email from the pool board was read and noted that Fred is involved with the deliberations.


GMU expansion plans:

Joe went to the second meeting.  The agenda included discussion on GMU’s plan to add several thousand students and dorms.  In addition, the administration is discussing building faculty housing on grounds as well.  Because of the schools expansion policy, GMU does not need to be concerned with things happening outside their boundaries.  However, the new administration is more receptive to working with the community.    Tony Velucci is going to represents the KPW community association in this process.


Cell phone tower:

T-Mobil is talking to Commonwealth Pool about erecting a cell tower that would generate monthly income for the pool of $1,000. Tony Velucci wants to know if Commonwealth votes nay, would Kings Park West want to install it on common area.


Covenant enforcement:

Larry Velte sent email to lawyer Bob Segan concerning the adequacy of our covenants to deal with potential problems (e.g., “McMansions.”).  Response was that the Architectural Committee of three specific individuals (RICHMARR employees) was set up to enforce the covenants and that only members of the Architectural committee can appoint new members.  At present, there are no remaining members of the committee.  Larry Velte will follow up with Segan.  Joe made a suggestion to keep a log of residents that make changes without submitting plans.  Larry felt like it is very reasonable to keep an eye out for potential McMansions.


RCS Address List:

Concerned with errors in addresses.   Bernie to inquire if RCS is keeping up with address list changes.



Larry has not sent letter to the lawyer at this time.  Case law researched by former board member Armand Fournier suggests that  informing violators that they have our sufferance until such time as the property changes hands effectively reaffirms HOA ownership of the land encroached upon, thereby preventing a future claim of adverse possession by the encroacher..  .  Larry will seek legal opinion on the best way forward.  Board needs to get legal green light before patrolling neighborhood looking for encroachment.


Communications from members:

Mary Hovland checked the PO box , no communications.  In addition, there were no emails.  A response was sent to a resident who complained that lax HOA enforcement of standards threatens home sales.  There was no response to a letter to a Ridge Court owner concerning the state of his rental property.


Meeting adjourned